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At Axcis we regularly receive lovely feedback about the hard work being done by our teams to find teachers and support staff jobs across the country. But we also know that self-published reviews don’t carry the same weight as those which have been independently published. That’s why we are inviting you to review Axcis on Google – find out more here.…

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COVID and the lost transition time – where will it leave our children in September?

UK news has been dominated in the last few weeks by reports of how many children have been missing school due to being at home self-isolating. But June and July are critical times for preparing.…

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Why do more females than males work in education and how can we attract more men?

In June 2021, the DfE released updated statistics on the school workforce in England. It shows that on average, 75% of teachers are female – this is consistent with data from previous years. But why is teaching still a female-dominated profession and how can we attract more males into the education workforce?…

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